Create an awesome design on your one-of-a-kind RIDABLE* skate deck.


  • 1 x 9 ply Maple mix sanded to a raw, natural finish skateboard deck (ridable grade*)

  • 12 x Mont Marte Medium tip acrylic paint markers

  • 10 x assorted vinyl stickers to decorate your board

  • 1 x Micador Visual art diary A5

  • 1 x Sketching Pencil

  • 1 x Delivery in Australia


  • Explore our growing Mega Creative library of written and video tutorials. Updated regularly to keep you creating.

*This maple deck is ridable grade- not just for hanging on the wall- but trucks and wheels are not included in the kit. If you plan to ride your MEGA creation we recommend sealing the skateboard deck to prevent water damage. Talk to your local hardware store about the best product to use.

Note:Ā Items may vary without notice. When this occurs, we will always substitute with similar quality and priced item which meets the objective of the Art lesson.